Journey of Rin

Well time for an update. I started the course I wanted cert 3 in fitness. Loving it. But my date for double mastectomy has come up so the course will take 18week not 9. Teachers being hugely supportive as I told the day 1 that I had gotten my hospital dates the week before. So I only get 2 weeks of class then when I come back do theory topics, then physical topics when I have docs approval. Won’t be able to do something’s till the 6-8 weeks after surgery mark.

Bad news is one of my scans this year showed changing tissue, so I may have to get a biopsy before surgery. I’ll find out Friday when I see my specialist surgeon. But well I already agreed the boobs are going. I’m just hoping for loosing as few lymph nodes as possible. Even though I’m having this surgery by choice due to genes she’s still checking them to be sure, by removing a couple.

Good news is it is starting to sound like the waking up after surgery is less painful then my sleeve surgery. So that’s something.

Unless there’s new from the specialist I’ll update when I’m home from surgery in a couple of weeks.